About me


About me

Vaiva in Lithuanian means rainbow. A colorful arch created by rain and sun. It describes me perfectly. Same as on a rainbow, you won’t find black color in my wardrobe. I prefer bright colors also to describe myself:

  • Yellow for a smile. If I can make people around me to laugh, I’m happy!
  • Orange for crazy. I always try to find something interesting and positive in each situation.
  • Green for fresh. New people bring new experiences in my life.
  • Blue for a dream. Photography is a passion to learn something new. Every day.
  • White for travel. Discover new places and draw my own picture of them.
  • Red for ardency. The energy I get from things and people around me.
  • Purple for friendship. I couldn’t live without dear people around me.
  • Pink for inspiration. For me and by me.

I believe in a power of visuals, mix of paint and good thoughts. It’s a power that can stop the moment. Moment to remember.

I’m Vaiva. For people I photograph, for friends, for new challenges, for love.
Take a rainbow, mix the colors and be happy every day!